The Best Day Ever…

What would we consider to be the “best day ever?”

This line, from the movie Tangled, is basically quoted by people everywhere and modified to fit whatever the situation or thought.

From a spiritual leadership perspective, the idea behind the best day ever takes on a whole new meaning. The “best day ever” occurred at the resurrection of Jesus.

Yes, there is significance and application to the blood that poured forth from the side of Jesus at the crucifixion. Without the shedding of His blood, there is no forgiveness.

The best day, however, is connected to His resurrection. Here is where Jesus defeated Satan. Here is where the fear of death was removed. Here is where Jesus gave us hope of something better beyond this life.

Christianity is based on this fact! Without the resurrection, Paul describes the tragedy that exists in following Christ (1 Co. 15:12-19).

When we consider the resurrection of Jesus with this hope in view everything changes in the way we lead others.

There is something worth living and dying for…because He lives!

There is something worth leading others for…because He lives!

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