The Need For A Proper Vision…

The concept of vision is an area of leadership addressed from many angles.

Amazingly, when we look at something from one angle it may appear one way, but looking at it from another angle may appear completely different. The internet is filled with various forms of optical illusions that illustrate this point.

The same is true in the way we see our God and plan for our service in His kingdom.

Jesus reshaped the way the Samaritan woman at the well saw Him. She began by seeing Jesus as a Jew, but before the conversation was over, she recognized Him as the Messiah.

Jesus helped the apostles see the multitude of Samaritans coming to meet Him from a different perspective, a harvest needing to be harvested.

There is an interesting lesson here in that how we see Jesus influences the way we see others. As leaders we desperately need to see Jesus from a biblical perspective and recognize that all people, who are made in the image of God, deserve to be seen in need of His grace.

This vision is needed by godly leaders.

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