A Critical Step…

At times, it is extremely difficult to make a decision that involves taking steps in a direction that may go against the grain, challenge tradition, or ruffle the feathers of others.

When this happens, it is critical to have the confidence of knowing the proper homework has been done to insure the decision is the right one to direct the future development of the work.

This is true at every level, from an organizational point of view to the family to the church. Leaders need to focus on the best way(s) to reach the goals and take whatever critical steps are necessary to achieve success.

When we think of being critical, we tend to think in negative and condemning terms, yet the idea has a positive bent that can help develop our leadership.

To be critical also involves the evaluative and and analytical approach to various situations. Leaders who evaluate with a critical eye will analyze the situation in ways that provide possible solutions for overcoming challenges or leading through difficulties.

The next step could be a critical one. Let us take the step in the right way.

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