Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Catch fire today! Make today the day you stop complaining and do something!” Steve Harvey

This quote is a personal favorite because it speaks to the need for leaders to stop looking at the negative, discouraging, and depressing areas of life and step up with the kind of enthusiasm that takes action.

Nothing is more significant to the development of solid leadership than “catching fire.” The idea also addresses the type of passion that knows what is worth giving our lives for as it relates to the good of others, both physical and spiritual.

Somehow, it must begin with leaders to present an example of moving away from the individualistic / humanistic philosophy that characterizes much of our world.

The opportunity we have in this life is to live for others. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone spent their time focused on dedicating themselves for the development of others and helping them reach their greatest potential.

This is the nature of what God desired for His creation, what Jesus gave His life to achieve, and His disciples are commissioned to fulfill.

May it be so!

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