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“Failure may not be an option to some, but it is the spring board to success for others.” Rod Wilson

This quote carries significance when considering the fact that there are those who do everything in their power to avoid failure.

Sadly, when failure is experienced, it is debilitating. We can lose the ability to move forward and benefit from the experience. Worse still is the fact that failure creates such discouragement and we see no purpose in attempting to benefit from it.

Failure, however, becomes a spring board to success for us when we realize that failure reveals ways not to do something and allowing us to channel our focus on investing efforts into areas leading to success.

Approaching failure with this mindset changes how we establish a vision for the future and how we respond to the challenges we face in life.

The beauty of Christian leadership is based in helping others through times of failure with a vision of the success that God has prepared for the future. Here we find motivation to conquer the greatest of failures.

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