Too Much Of A Good Thing…

Is it even possible that there can be too much of a good thing? 

Before we jump to any conclusions or provide any answers, maybe we need to consider exactly what is meant by a “good thing.”

A “good thing” is generally subjective to each individual based on their worldview. Obviously, this introduces a number of challenges to the task before us.

When we consider the range of mindsets from self-serving to self-denying, we realize quickly that a “good thing” can either be about what benefits “me” or “others.”

From a biblical perspective, the servant leadership model is one that focuses on the benefits of others, placing their needs above our own.

If everyone understood and practiced this form of leadership, would it be possible to have too much of a “good thing?” 

The answer seems clear and certainly one that requires each of us to examine where we are on the spectrum of evaluating the idea of a “good thing” and how we apply what is needed to influence the people within our “worldview.”

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