Please Tell Me…

When the news is exciting, we want someone to tell us and we want to tell others. Good news is often difficult to find and far less appealing in our culture, or so it would seem.

Sadly, the good news of Jesus is becoming less and less exciting. The distractions of commercialism, family, health, finances, and “life” tend to exasperate the joy and excitement of something as intangible as a relationship with Jesus.

The mindset is not unique to the U.S. either. The challenges of sharing the news of Jesus around the world can easily become more about taking care of physical needs with less emphasis on the spiritual.

We need a balanced approach. We must consider a strategy that allows us to keep our focus on the news we are striving to tell others about AND insure that the physical needs are met. The adage is true; “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Remember, when the news is exciting, please tell me. How much more so when the news is overwhelmingly beyond a level of excitement.

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