Leadership Word Of The Week…Innovate

A number of terms are associated with being innovative: fresh, creative, inventive, and pioneering.

The very thought behind these four words, as they relate to innovation, plays a significant role in the realm of leadership.

Fresh ideas help leaders in addressing the incredible changes occurring every minute of the day.

Creative development sets leaders apart from a stagnant approach of the “way we’ve always done it.”

Inventive leaders strive to use original thinking for establishing plans to achieve goals.

Pioneering leaders live to “go where no one has gone before.” They love walking in new territory.

Combined, these ideas comprise the innovative spirit needed in leadership. The desire to be innovative is  fueled by the following suggestions:

Spend time with innovative people.

Evaluate the principles that drive innovation.

Work in a team. Creativity thrives in a group.

Do not be afraid to take a few risks in the area of something new.

Tons of advice prevails when considering ways to grow in innovation. Leaders need to bring an innovative spirit to the table and use this fresh, creative, inventive, and pioneering mindset to assist development.

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