Thinking Before Speaking…

These three words provide lessons everyone needs to learn.

Too often, we speak without giving thought to our words and their impact in the lives of others. Sadly, we often do not care as long as we get to say what we want.

Two lessons stand out that should be considered as it relates to this post.

First, once we speak, we cannot take our words back. As they fall from our lips, messages are formed based on the actual words used, our tone of voice, and our body language. We may regret what we say and apologize, but when our words cut to the quick, the scars remain. Think first.

Second, words that are well-chosen follow a biblical pattern. A soft answer turns away wrath. Words, when seasoned properly, bring encouragement and give grace to those who hear. Think first.

Solomon said the power of life and death is in the tongue. James identifies the tongue as an unruly evil that no one can tame. Such thoughts require us to be careful about what we say and how we say it because the results have eternal implications. Think first.

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