Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

An area of leadership that should drive all of us is the basis for today’s thought. The thought today presents an interesting twist to the idea of personal growth and development in leadership.

An addiction is defined as a dependency on something, an inability to stop without incurring adverse effects. Imagine what would happen if each one of us approached our own self-improvement with this thought in mind.

Obviously, there are unhealthy addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, electronic devices / internet, and the list goes on.

There are, however, healthy addictions that physically, mentally, and spiritually help us improve our quality and quantity of life.

When we set our mind on those kinds of improvements, the results are amazing. A few changes in the habits that form our daily routines make all the difference in developing an addiction “to constant and never-ending self-improvement.”

The time and effort are worth the benefits if we can exhibit a little diligent determination.

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