Leadership Word Of The Week…Definition

As odd as it may sound, the thought behind this week’s word is significant in application to our leadership.

A degree of distinctness is one meaning for our word of the week. Consider how this relates to the area of leadership.

What characteristics define our leadership? When we examine those characteristics closely, are we able to recognize what makes our leadership distinct?

The defining nature of our character sets us apart as leaders. This distinctness enables us to have the kind of influence needed to help others reach their potential, to become all God wants for them.

Leaders carry the responsibility of developing the kind of character that creates a distinction for their influence. This distinction provides defining qualities of leadership that make a difference.

A few suggestions to help in developing this character include the following:

1) The willingness to learn what is necessary to achieve the goal.

2) The determination to do whatever it takes to develop the right kind of character.

3) The patience to know the time required to fulfill that desire.

Think about it. The definition of our leadership is based on these three suggestions.

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