Leadership Word Of The Week…Precision

There are several powerful words associated with this week’s word. Words such as accuracy, correctness, exactness, and meticulousness are just four that describe the nature of precision.

When leadership is characterized by accuracy, decisions and actions pinpoint what must be done.

Leaders who pursue correctness, desire to insure others that what is being done is “right.”

An exactness demonstrated by leaders shows they are not approximating in any way, but they are precise.

The use of meticulousness in leadership distinguishes leaders who pay attention to the details.

As we examine our leadership character each day, precision is a word that should be considered. We need to consider how we measure the strength of our leadership.

Doing so with precision can influence the direction of those who are following and the power with which we are able to direct them on this path.

Developing precision in our leadership can be as simple as an approach that pinpoints what must be done, determines to do it right, does not approximate, and pays attention to the details.

These four areas can drive our leadership to greater places.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    You are right sir. Thanks very much

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