Filling Out The Invoice…

An invoice serves several purposes for both the one writing the invoice and the one receiving it. What is interesting is how the idea of an invoice also factors into areas of leadership that will help us in the way we influence others.

An invoice provides information about services rendered and materials purchased that are beneficial for both parties involved.

An invoice gives a point of reference for both the business and customer that allows for future access to needed information.

An invoice also represents an agreement for each person identified, serving as a contractual agreement between them, thus creating responsibility.

If our leadership were to completely communicate the vision, goals, and plans that benefit everyone involved, imagine the level of morale it would generate.

If leaders stood as a point of reference for accessing the information that answered questions, the confidence of followers would grow.

If leaders understood the responsibility of everyone involved, then desire to fulfill that responsibility would be greater.

While there is not always a clear approach to achieving success at every level, these few steps can make a difference.

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