Is There Enough To Finish The Work…

Counting the cost when leading others can be a daunting task. There are so many questions that need answers when attempting to start and finish any work.

One of the most pressing thoughts among these questions involves having enough to finish well. Do we have enough resources to achieve the goal? These resources include, but are not limited to, money, skills, educational background, and / or facilities.

Do we have enough staff to implement the plans to achieve the goal? The infrastructure needed to accomplish the development and implementation of any work is critical to the success of the program.

Do we have enough time to complete the job? Time may be considered a resource, but a regular period of evaluation is necessary to determine what has been accomplished, what needs to be accomplished, and if there is enough time to finish on schedule.

Having enough resources, staff, and time are only three components that require our attention when setting goals, establishing plans, and implementing both to produce growth in the organization.

Utilizing each of these components is foundational for every leader.

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