Ghost Post…Part 1

Each Monday for the next few weeks, we plan to feature a guest writer. Because they choose to be anonymous, we are simply sharing a “ghost post.” Enjoy!

Someone once said that “character matters; leadership descends from character.” If this is true, then what or who we are when no one is watching is where leadership begins. We must have or develop good character traits to be a good leader.

We can all rise to the top when on the stage of life, but when we are alone and no one is watching our every move and we still do what is right and appropriate; this is character.  Good character traits translate into good leadership skills.  Not only should we take people where they need to go as leaders, we need to be the kind of person that can be looked up to and lead by the example of our character.

What do people around us say about our character?  Are we thinking about leading?  We are, whether we know it or not.  Let us be good leaders with good character traits that all will want to emulate.

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