Adding Value To Leadership…

The concept of leadership lends itself to numerous interpretations. One consistency, however, involves the nature of adding value to our leadership.

What kind of value is needed to enhance our ability to lead?

How can we add the greatest value to our leadership?

Why does adding value mark the difference in long-term development?

The value needed to enhance our ability to lead involves respect. Leaders need to respect themselves, but as importantly they need the respect of those who follow.

This value is added to our leadership over time and demonstrated by our integrity during critical decisions, which has the greatest impact on others.

The reason this value marks the difference in long-term development is because respect is elicited as a result of a leaders’ abilities and achievements.

While the emphasis on leadership does not end with these few ideas, the concept of adding value to leadership is essential to the long-term nature of helping others reach their potential.

Respect is one value that, when added to leadership, changes the emphasis of our leadership.

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