Personalities…Ghost Post #2

Socrates was first credited with the idea that we have different personalities. He associated it with one of the four blood types.

Most scholars recognize four basic personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. We can have all the classic traits of one or be a healthy, or annoying, combination. If we know someone’s basic personality traits, however, we can better understand how to lead.

The one we consider today is the first in the list: Choleric.  Positive traits include headstrong, dominant, strong-willed, decisive, and a doer.

The negative traits include opinionated, bullies, “my way or the highway,” arrogant, and condescending.

Choleric’s are motivated to get it done (and this is another of their traits) even if they have to do it themselves. They struggle with delegating and can be hard to deal with, thinking they can do it better. If mixed with another type they can warm up and be the best worker.

Do we know anyone like this? Are we leading by helping someone be better at what they do?  Think leadership!

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