Leadership Word Of The Week…Craft

A craft is often associated with the activity of making things with one’s hands. The idea also refers to a skill for carrying out one’s work. Here is where we will focus with leadership.

Several questions come to mind: 1) How do leaders hone the craft of leadership? 2) What skills are needed in the craft of leading? 3) Is leadership really a craft?

The answers to these questions are varied and complex, depending on the source we might read. There are, however, a few ideas that benefit those who consider how to approach this idea in leadership.

Understanding the idea of a craft in relationship to a skill is foundational. We all possess certain skills and developing those skills in leadership improves the craft.

Leaders abound who exemplify leadership. They spend years working to develop their leadership and provide a great example to emulate. Spend time with these leaders.

Practicing our developmental skills is crucial to understanding the craft and improving our skill set in leadership.

Nothing comes quickly or easily, but with a little time and effort, our leadership craft matures into something beautiful.

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