People Of Influence…

Reading through scripture provides a wealth of information concerning men and women who were influential in leading others, good and bad.

History also records numerous people who carried the same influence in directing the course of history.

Proceeding through time to the present day requires us to consider several factors involved in the foundation of our own influence in leading others.

First, we all have influence. A number of authors claim we influence a minimum of four people everyday. Knowing this fact should move us to consider how we can best influence others for the cause of Christ.

Second, our influence is either good or bad. Our words and actions carry the weight of influence into an arena that is either “for or against” the Lord. If we knew that each word or decision would make the difference in someone’s eternity, would we think more first?

Third, proper influence is based on preparation. We must prepare our minds and discipline our lives to be the kind of influence that leads others to an eternal goal.

We need to focus on providing influence that changes lives for the Kingdom.

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