A Change Worth Making…

With mid-term elections behind us, focus seems to be directed toward the next presidential election in two years. Most assuredly, campaign flyers, mail-outs, billboards, and television ads will begin again.

Political officials often speak of change to support their cause to voters. Everyone believes they can implement change.

While this post is not about prior or forthcoming elections, the idea of change is one worth our consideration in the area of biblical leadership.

Change is a biblical concept. Change is expressed in terms such as return, repent, transform, restore, and other synonyms associated with change.

The kind of change worth making is intricately connected to “godly sorrow.” Change made simply because someone gets caught “in the act” will not produce the right kind of change.

However, learning about the nature of God’s love and the consequences of our sinful actions on that relationship, can move us to seek change.

When change is based on an effort to live in harmony and fellowship with God, the change connects us to a life without regret and results in salvation.

Now, there is a change worth making.

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