A Simple Mathematical Equation…

Imagine the simplicity of following the most basic of mathematical equations, like 2 + 2. From the young to the old, we agree on the answer.

To suggest an alternative answer would be ludicrous and preposterous, at least to the majority of us. We would certainly be within our rights to feel this way.

How appropriate would it be if a formula could be simplified for the development of leaders? We know that leadership does not happen by accident. What can we do to simplify the equation?

When we consider our leadership, a simple equation to assist us in reaching the potential of our abilities is needed to achieve success. A few possible components are included in the following:

Desire: without this foundational step, leadership cannot be developed.

Ability: a measure of ability must be in place and moldable.

Opportunity: leadership development is connected to the opportunity.

Work-ethic: hard work is vital to the success of developing leaders.

God: nothing replaces this step; for without God, where and why are we leading?

These few steps complete the equation and assure a successful journey in developing strong spiritual leaders.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    It is true.Thanks very much

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