Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“The day you quit getting better is the day you better quit.” Unknown origin

While recently teaching a class on leadership, one of the students mentioned this thought as he heard it from his father while growing up.

The emphasis of this thought is based on the need for continual improvement in our lives.

We point to this idea frequently, but it cannot be overstated. Leaders, as well as, all of us need to be constantly working to improve.

As parents, leadership in the home is an area requiring more attention to provide a foundation for future leaders of the home.

Leadership on the job is also needed to help implement direction for the success of any organization.

Leadership in the church is also a necessity if there is any hope for the message of truth to remain sound, souls to be saved, faith to be strengthened, and generational leadership to be sustained.

Much more could be addressed, but the point is the same. With fervor, we must pursue the improvement of who we are and what we do as leaders.

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