Conflict Resolution…Part 2

Understanding why conflict exists is only the beginning. As a first step to gaining a perspective to conflict resolution, we now focus on some suggestions to consider.

1) Anticipate conflict. As challenging and, frankly, unwelcome conflict is, resolving conflict begins with an anticipation it is coming. With anticipation comes preparation, and when we are prepared we are better equipped to find resolution.

2) See the opportunity. Imagine the difference in facing conflict when we recognize conflict as an opportunity to improve our leadership, strengthen our ability to help others in conflict, and bring completeness to our faith.

3) Deal with one at a time. Conflict is no respecter of time or person. Conflict does not set a schedule to arrive at our doorstep when it is convenient. At various times, we will face an overwhelming flood of conflict. The best approach is to deal with it one at a time.

4) Focus on the objective. When conflict occurs, the tendency is to lose sight of our objective. Our vision is clouded by the devastation of the conflict and we cannot see the greater objective that often accompanies the outcome. Focus!

More next week…

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