Leadership Word Of The Week…Pursue

When we seek to attain or accomplish something, it is referred to as “pursuing.” Adding diligence increases the chances of success in our pursuit.

What we pursue as leaders is determined by the core values of our character. If our character is biblically based, our pursuit is divinely grounded.

How we pursue anything influences the direction of those who follow. The nature of our pursuits is supported by the passionate and driving force in our lives.

Why we are in pursuit shapes the purpose of our existence as leaders. What gets us up in the mornings and out the door is directly connected to what we pursue.

Where the pursuit takes us is dictated by the plans we implement to reach the goal. At times, the direction may not be what we expect, or the most comfortable, yet it must be pursued.

What are we seeking to attain and accomplish?

Is that pursuit something we are passionate about and willing to give our lives to pursue?

Will we wait until the opportunity passes us by, or are we in pursuit?

Leaders shape the future by their pursuits.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    This is very correct and encouraging,inspiring too.Thanks very much

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