Reaching Forward…

The past introduces a number of challenges to life. Regardless of the good or bad, our past often influences who we are and the direction of our future.

A few lessons should be remembered: 1) we cannot go back and change the past, and 2) we cannot live in the past. The only way to win with the past is to learn from it – good or bad – and use the lesson to help shape a better direction for the future.

The apostle Paul understood this as he wrote to the church at Philippi. There is little doubt he remembered the destructive course he pursued toward Christianity. He also understood the proper place of his accomplishments in the past.

In the final scheme of things, he knew nothing was more valuable than knowing Jesus. The value of knowing Jesus gave Paul purpose and direction. He would not allow his past to dictate the direction of his future. Instead, he was able to reach forward to the hope of the resurrection.

Leaders must focus on the same hope for the future and lead with a passion to reach it.

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