Biblical Leadership 101…Part 6

As we consider the role of biblical leadership, another area linked to the development of leaders is exercising daily renewal.

Scripture identifies the need for renewal. Paul uses this objective by urging Christians in Rome not to be conformed to this world, but transformed by the “renewing of their minds.”

In writing to the church in Corinth, Paul contrasts the physical with the spiritual and identifies how the physical is decaying, but the spiritual is “renewed day by day.” What does this daily renewal look like for biblical leadership?

Developing time in prayer allows us to communicate the depths of our heart.

Communication flows both ways, so biblical leaders are renewed by learning from God’s word.

Encouragement is also a two-way street. Encouragement strengthens a renewal in our faith.

Reminders of goals, plans, and the purpose for our involvement, keeps us focused.

The beauty of daily renewal is directly related to the exercise associated with the process. The implication of exercise with daily renewal speaks to the hard and consistent work required.

More could be considered, but the exercise of daily renewal keeps biblical leaders fresh and strong.

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