Expectations Of Leadership…Part 1

A recent article by Forbes, “7 Words Define What Employees Expect From Leadership,” introduced several concepts with powerful implication for spiritual leadership development. We will not look at all of these ideas, but we will consider a few over the next few weeks.

The first word is specificity. The idea describes the need for leaders to stop “beating around the bush.” People want leaders to be specific about direction. When they are, they pay close attention to details, which promotes confidence for followers.

Vagueness tends to breed vagueness and frustration. When leaders are vague, the general mindset among followers is that leaders do not have a clue where they are going or how they will get there.

These ideas alone should motivate us to seek greater clarification in our leadership. Establishing a system by which we communicate with specificity strengthens the morale of an organization and provides confidence in the direction.

The need in leadership is obvious. Now is the time for us to develop and implement a plan for specificity as leaders.

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