How To Begin A New Year…

As significant as it is to consider how to end a year, we also need to know how to begin a new year. The beginning of a new year is special. We like a fresh start, new opportunities, a renewed sense of hope that things will be better. Perhaps this is why New Year’s Resolutions are popular, even though the majority do not keep them.

How should we approach the beginning of a new year? Let us consider four possibilities.

1) Establish essential resolutions. These are the kind of resolutions we must keep lest others lose confidence in our leadership.

2) Set daily reminders. Any system (hardcopy or electronic) that helps us remember the necessity of keeping our resolutions strengthens the potential of fulfilling them.

3) Connect resolutions to others. When those we work closest to are involved in the same resolution, we have a support system to encourage the development and fulfillment of each one.

4) Celebrate every victory. With each step toward established goals, find a small way to celebrate the achievement with a reminder of more to come.

These are only four steps, but beneficial in beginning this new year.

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