Leadership Resolutions Worth Keeping…Part 1

Beginning the first “full” week of the new year with a more familiar routine reminds us to reflect on the resolutions we either made or need to make. Each Monday we will look at leadership resolutions worth making and keeping.

The first resolution is to always set an example of the behavior desired in others. What standard of conduct do we want others to demonstrate in their lives at work, home, or in the church? Whatever that standard is should be modeled by us first.

The idea of expecting others to conduct themselves in ways we are unwilling to do ourselves is the greatest form of hypocrisy and a one-way ticket to losing credibility. Our conduct is all inclusive. We should never compartmentalize our lives into conduct on the job, at home, in the neighborhood, and around Christians. A disciple of Christ always displays a Christlike life 24-7-365. There is never a time we are not reflecting the image of our Savior.

As we plunge into the new year, let us all resolve to provide an example for others that is worth emulating.

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