Statistically Speaking…

Statistics are what they are, and they can be manipulated to pretty much support the desire of the user. At the same time, statistics continue to provide value when collected and used correctly.

These numbers of often gathered through electronic or hardcopy surveys, phone calls, or short and long questionnaires randomly conducted at the mall.

Once the information is collected, statisticians categorize and examine the information to determine what we call statistics that describe a broader section of people within a geographical location, gender, ethnic, social, economic, or religious base. The depth of categories associated with these findings is beyond the scope of one post.

We can, however, learn valuable information that assists in the development of our influence as leaders. The results, known as statistics, can help us learn the various thoughts and ideas of people we want to reach, background influences, and hundreds of areas.

Before we write off the negative view of statistics, let us consider how these numbers can be a tool to motivate and inspire greater work for the Lord’s kingdom.

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  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    The Lord is our strength.Thanks for another wonderful post

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