Leadership Resolutions Worth Keeping…Part 2

Since we are nearly halfway through January and beginning the second full week of the new year, how are those resolutions coming along?

To avoid boring statistics concerning those who do or do not keep resolutions and the time frame for these statistics, our focus involves a look at a few resolutions leaders should make and keep.

Building upon last week’s discussion of setting an example, leaders also need to demonstrate trust in others.

One of the great challenges in leadership is the micromanagement approach to leading. When leaders give someone a task or job to accomplish, there should be a level of trust that allows them to complete the job.

Standing over someone’s shoulder to guide and counsel every detail in their actions or to correct each area they attempt to complete, indirectly communicates a lack of trust.

Obviously, if the individual is not trustworthy, then they should not be given the job. If they are trustworthy, then a good resolution for leaders in 2015 would be to demonstrate trust by equipping others with the tools needed for the task and let them go to work.

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