Leadership Word Of The Week…Constancy

A familiar phrase in leadership circles is the “constancy of purpose.” While constancy involves the idea of dependability or faithfulness, the depth has strong implications in leadership.

Once leaders understand their purpose, constancy is demonstrated in four areas.

1) Faith: The foundational component is our faith. We need the kind of faith to move mountains. We need to know our God is able and He will be there each step of the way.

2) Focus: Without focus, Satan is masterful at providing distractions to take our eyes off of the purpose God calls us to achieve. We must not allow this to happen.

3) Fortitude: Building on the foundation of faith and focus, we need fortitude to withstand the challenges. Standing firm against the storms is vital to maintaining the morale needed to reach our goals.

4) Follow-through: The final component requires leaders to have consistent follow-through. Once we commit ourselves to the task and put our hand to the plow, constancy is demonstrated in the follow-through of the plans.

When more leaders possess constancy, more will be accomplished for the Lord’s kingdom.

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