The Inspiring Influence Of Leadership…

Defining leadership becomes more complex by the day. Books, blogs, and dictionaries are constantly modifying ways to think about leadership.

Examining definitions over the past 100 years indicates the same challenges. Each decade introduced new political figures and challenges to the country that influenced the way leadership was defined.

One consistent fact about leadership, regardless of the time, country, or political power, is the influence leaders have through inspiring others to act in achieving a goal.

Considering our present culture, we understand that leaders who possess the ability to urge someone to feel or do something are said to inspire others. On one side of the argument, there are those who believe this is an ability leaders are born with, but on the other side, this ability is something a leader can learn.

Either way, creating ownership among the team, generating enthusiasm, visualizing the future, and expressing appreciation elevates the work of others, inspiring them to act.

When leaders exercise this ability, there is a uniting force that keeps others focused on the goal before them with an implementation of the plans necessary to reach the goal.

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