Turn Back Time…

If it were possible to turn back time, what would we do differently? Now that we are mid-stride in January, resolutions are a passing thought and we are settled into the daily routine of work and family.

What would we change if we could start 2014 over? Would we do anything different if we could restart 2015?

We might change a word spoken in anger or haste. If we could just have that moment back to think before we speak.

We might choose to avoid involvement in a sinful activity. The consequences of such actions make us all wish we could make the right choice.

We might channel our energy toward a more positive attitude. With the negativity that fills the world, we need more positive encouragers.

We might correct a wrong done to a friend or foe. A chance to realize the damage caused by such actions demands we seek healing.

We are aware of the impossibility of turning back time and, in some ways, it is probably best we cannot do so. If we could, assuredly, our changes would be for a better life for everyone.

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