Leadership Resolutions Worth Keeping…Part 3

A recent Forbes online article discussed the importance of not committing to things we cannot do. Interestingly enough, material does exist that emphasizes the mentality of “fake-it-until-you-make-it,” but the article goes on to say this is not the point.

While we should always be willing to grow and improve by moving outside our comfort zone, the idea of this resolution involves those areas we know we cannot do. By way of example, if someone invites us to dinner and we know we cannot make it, but instead of saying no, we delay the inevitable by saying “maybe.” Relevant ideas of such nature abound and certainly have impact on our leadership.

As it relates to biblical teaching, learning to follow through with our commitments strengthens our credibility as leaders.

Jesus and James both taught the need to let our yes mean yes, and our no mean no. Jesus adds that anything beyond this is of evil.

How critical is it to our leadership to be a person of our word? The answer will direct the way we approach not committing to things we cannot do.

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