Leadership Word Of The Week…Interdependent

Rarely do leaders consider or focus time on a relationship of interdependency. The idea behind this week’s word simply refers to a relationship where people are dependent on each other.

Our culture is one where we rely on self, we are independent. We want to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps and make it on our own. Our pride often hinders us from ever seeking or asking for help from someone else.

The other side of the coin is one where we become dependent on someone else without contributing to the relationship ourselves. We have a constant need for someone else to provide counsel, and even physical or emotional support.

Interdependency sheds new light on the relationship we have with others and how we lead within this context. Leaders are often recognized as those who do not need anyone else. They are confident, decisive, and independent.

When we take a learning posture and realize others can teach, guide, and offer something to help us in our role, we are beginning to fulfill an interdependency that will strengthen our ability to lead.

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