A Leadership GPS…

When we travel in unfamiliar territory, we need help. Thankfully, a global positioning system (GPS) makes it possible to improve the accuracy of our current location and the destination we aim to reach.

The challenge, however, is determining how to apply this accuracy to something more specific in our leadership, figuratively speaking.

Those who follow us need guidance, someone who provides direction to reach a desired location. Using the same idea of GPS, a spiritual application is often made in a variety of ways: Gifts & Passions for Serving, Gifts – Passions – Skills, God’s Plan for Sharing, Getting People Saved, God’s Priority System, etc.

Numerous ideas exist, but another way to consider our leadership with the GPS acronym is God’s Purposeful Servant.

God is the foundation of our leadership, guided and directed by the One true and living Creator of the universe.

Purposeful indicates at least two ideas: 1) God’s will drives the desire of our leadership, and 2) an intentionality exists in our leading.

Servant is the descriptive word behind our leading. We are servants of God and others, as we lead them to the hope of a better future.

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