Leadership Resolutions Worth Keeping…Part 4

As we enter the last week of January, resolutions are a distant memory for most. By their influence, leaders share a perspective that needs to be considered when looking at resolutions worth keeping.

A recent Forbes article provides a final resolution to consider: get in touch with newer and emerging technologies.

Being a great leader is not contingent upon using or keeping up with emerging technology. There may be many leaders who never use current technology, past or present. This post is not for this leader.

We cannot deny, however, the incredible opportunities we have to use technology for developing and enhancing our leadership. Tools are available to provide training, mentoring, guidance, and encouragement that change the direction of leadership around the world.

If we remain complacent to these tools and opportunities, doing things the way they were done 50-75 years ago, the fact is we may have some influence.

However, if we have the opportunity to utilize the tools of technology to influence thousands, if not millions more, will God not hold us accountable for such? Something to think about!

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