Spiritual Formation…

Numerous books share a common thread when considering the subject of “spiritual formation.” Ecology, social justice, human dignity, community awareness, liberation, and tons of issues often come to the forefront of this discussion.

While these are important issues and worthy of our consideration as Christians, the light of the world; our participation in these issues alone does not result in spiritual formation.

Spiritual formation must involve the following:

1) God: Is it possible to have spiritual formation without God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, the Giver of life?

2) Holy Spirit: We are limited in knowing the depths of the Holy Spirit’s role and activity, but what we find in Scripture is rich for spiritual development.

3) Jesus: He is the cornerstone of our building, without whom our growth into a spiritual house – built on this foundation – could not occur.

4) The Word: All of the above come together in perfect harmony to provide one book to guide us in the kind of spiritual formation needed to complete and perfect us for every task.

These four components are unequivocally essential to spiritual formation.

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