A Rare Breed…

A rare breed, according to Oxford Dictionary, is often used in connection to a variety of animals, especially livestock or poultry that are not associated with large-scale commercial farming.

The idea is also associated with a person or thing that possesses uncommon characteristics. From this perspective we find tremendous implication for leaders today.

There are people who believe that a leader is a rare breed in of themselves. Leaders, however, need to be represented as a rare breed because they are Christians.

The priorities established by Christian leaders in every area of life contribute to a breed of leaders that know who they are and where they are going.

The character demonstrated by Christian leaders in their daily lives sets them apart as a rare breed influencing others toward the goal of heaven.

The inspiration promoted by Christians leaders becomes the lifeblood for exciting others to take their faith into the lives of people they know.

Christian leaders are a rare breed and a breed that is needed in our world today. With the right priorities, character, and inspiration, the future is an incredible sight to see.

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