Leadership Word Of The Week…Results

A consequence, effect, or outcome of something, generally defines this week’s word. We understand that when application is made of specific principles or designs, we expect results. We want to receive something for the effort generated.

Nothing seems more important to the credibility of leadership than their results. People want to know that a leader has a proven track record of getting results from their leadership.

The caution for Christian leadership is how to define the type of results that are expected and qualify those results in any context.

The danger is often seen when quantity becomes the defining characteristic for results, e.g. baptisms, restorations, church plants, etc.

The greater difficulty, however, is quantifying faithfulness, spiritual growth, or leadership development. Yet, these are results that are just as significant as the others.

When leaders recognize the need for results and learn how to qualify those results in ways that help generate enthusiasm for followers, the results will far exceed expectations.

The task is not easy, but in the final analysis, replication will generate extensive growth.

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