After The Dust Settles…

This common phrase speaks to numerous possibilities. The idea is that after the dust settles a measure of clarity exists that enables leaders to make appropriate decisions and / or provide direction.

The general tendency is to use or think of “dust” figuratively in reference to turmoil or difficulty.

The implication of this phrase plays a key role in how leaders impact the lives of those within their sphere of influence. How?

After the dust settles…

…next-step decisions can be made for moving forward with greater confidence,

…the learning curve on accomplishments and challenges comes into full view,

…resolutions to problems are more easily reached because turmoil has passed,

…opportunities to adjust course direction are made more easily.

We could go a hundred different directions considering all the ways to apply this thought. The main thought for leaders is one that directs our attention to allowing the dust to settle before making rash decisions that impact the lives of everyone around us.

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