Leadership Word Of The Week…Constant

The thought of being constant carries a number of significant ideas of importance to leadership. The word identifies the need for leaders to be persistent, consistent, faithful, steadfast, and unchanging.

Considering the infinite list of words that are connected to each of these ideas, we learn the depth of why leaders need to be constant.

When leaders are persistent, they are resolved, driven with purpose in their planning and approach to completing the task.

Leaders who are consistent represent stability that is dependable, which followers need to build confidence in their leaders.

A faithful leader demonstrates loyalty and devotion, a quality that strengthens the foundation for each of these ideas.

Steadfastness represents a leader who is firm and uncompromising, a benefit to all who are influenced by their example of leadership.

The unchanging characteristic of a leader provides an enduring, yet predictable follow-through to help with the growth and development of future leaders.

Obviously, more could be said about each of these, but the overall focus is defining the constant nature of leadership and how it looks within the perspective of followers.

1 comment on “Leadership Word Of The Week…Constant

  1. Sis Kelechi Young says:

    When a leader is constant the followers trust him/her.And that makes the organisation to grow faster than expected.Thanks very much

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