Knock And It Shall Be Opened…

The phrase “knock and it shall be opened” is the third of three expressions Jesus directed in the “Sermon on the Mount.”

Characteristic to Hebrew literary influence, the same sentiment exists in all three, just stated in different words. The idea described is one of persistence. Jesus taught, not just the need for disciples to seek, ask, and knock, but to keep on seeking, asking, and knocking.

Leadership influence in any culture benefits when leaders demonstrate persistence.

Consider the impact on people when they see Christians who are not quick to accept “no” for an answer. A love for the soul’s eternal destiny drives a repeated seeking, asking, and knocking on the heart of someone until they know the danger ahead.

Think about the spiritual implication for leaders who see the need to pursue with persistence those brethren who are struggling in their faith. They do not accept rejection when they ask once, but press on to show their love.

Imagine the difference to be made if we knock and keep on knocking. Jesus promises, “it shall be opened.” This is the intent.

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