Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Until you see fear as an opportunity for growth, you won’t grow beyond your current self.” Robert Tew

Think about what we fear: failure, success, death, life, illness, health, laziness, work, rejection, acceptance, loss, gain, physical, spiritual, or thousands more.

We could focus on what we fear and why we fear it. Our purpose, however, is not to acknowledge our fears, but to consider the growth potential beyond those fears.

The intent here is not to insist on facing our fears in order to overcome them. There are legitimate ways to deal with fear, grow, and achieve success.

The most common step is awareness. We need to know what causes our fear, but also why we are afraid.

We need to ask appropriate questions regarding the nature of our fear.

Another critical step is to find trustworthy people that we can talk to and discuss a plan for dealing with our fears.

Perspective of our fears in light of biblical teaching aids us in developing the right focus on approaching those fears.

These are just few starting points that enable us to grow beyond our fears.

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