How Do We See The World?

Observing others needs to be far more than a mental exercise or practice. There is a great deal occurring every second and how we see others as we galavant through our day makes a huge difference in our influence in their lives.

The challenge is to avoid being cynical and negative. Watching or reading the news of national and international events tends to feed the beast of cynicism and negativity.

Instead, our view of the world must change. We often attempt to force our view of the world on God and believe His view of the world is the same as ours. We need to back up and rethink.

The opposite is necessary. We need to learn to see the world around us in the way that God sees it. We need to see the battered, bruised, and hurting souls all around. Instead of seeing color, language barriers, ethnicity, social position, or philosophical differences, our shift in thinking needs to center around the love and compassion of an Almighty Creator who desires all to be saved.

When we reach this point, the level of urgency to help changes.

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