Measuring Up To The Right Standard…

Scripture speaks to the idea of measuring devices and the need for measuring. We also find references to the consequences of measuring ourselves by others.

As much as we may fight doing so, we are drawn to the competitive mindset of wondering or considering how well we do / did with the performance of someone else.

Students compare grades, employees compare paychecks, managers compare productivity, and the list goes on.

Leadership should never be about measuring our grade, paycheck, productivity, or anything else with others who are leading.

Instead, we need to find the right standard by which we measure ourselves, along with our goals, plans, and results. The standard referred to here is the example of Jesus and the word provided through the divinely guided work of the Holy Spirit.

When we evaluate who we are and what we do and measure it by the right standard, we find areas where constant improvement is needed.

These areas make up our attitude, character development, words, and actions. Aligning with the right standard increases the level of influence our leadership has in the lives of everyone around us.

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  1. And you my friend, measure up! Keep on Keeping on, knowing our God is able to make you what He desires you to be. Lead on Lead on, Jesus is with you every step of the way!

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