Leadership Word Of The Week…Incidental

To accompany something without being a major part of it is how incidental is defined. The word, however, is also linked to a liability that happens as the consequence of an activity. Incidental is further identified as occurring by chance in connection with something else.

What does all this mean for leadership? How does this word play a part in leading others? Here are a few ideas to study.

Incidentals are never planned when leading others. At times, the unexpected happens. We cannot always explain why it happens, but we experience consequences as a result of our involvement in a number of activities related to our development in leadership, thus incidentals.

We find the need for incidentals in various areas of our leadership. By way of example, plans, and people are directly connected to the major goals of any organization. These are not major components, but incidentals assist our moving along more smoothly.

Incidentals may not always occur when we want, nor the way we want, but they can provide a wealth of benefit in leadership when understood and used correctly.

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