Think Twice, Speak Once…

This idea relates to an old carpenter’s practice of “measure twice, cut once.” This advice was helpful on more than one occasion.

Considering the application of thinking before speaking is a powerful component to leading in any situation. Thinking twice before speaking not only applies to the verbal, but written words also. Here are a couple of thoughts related to thinking twice before speaking.

1) Before deciding to speak, consider how the words we are about to say will influence the one(s) who hear them. Will our words build them up or tear them down? Will our words heal or hurt? Taking a moment to consider how the outcome of what we say can make all the difference in our relationships.

2) Thinking twice before we speak allows us to develop a concise clarity to what we want to say. We often lose the attention of others when we are unprepared and ramble our way through something we attempt to say. Concise clarity makes listening a much easier task.

When we take the time to think twice before speaking, we enhance the quality of our leadership communication.

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