A Kind Word From A Friend…

We have all experienced those times in life where everything and everyone seemed to be against us. Our thoughts raced with anticipated conversations. We can only think of the worst possible scenario and in those moments we spell out our own demise. When this happens, the choices seem limited and we tend to make decisions that are life altering.

Perhaps we have also observed the benefit of a friend who took a moment to call, send a note, or write an e-mail to encourage us in those dark times.

Take a moment to think about those to whom we are closest and consider how a kind word might make the difference in a life-altering decision.

When the way seems dark and the answers are not easy to find, we appreciate the value of someone who understands and cares enough to speak a kind word.

Our leadership influence flourishes when we provide the same kindness to others we know who experience the same.

Life expands before all of us as we seek opportunity to build up a friend in need.

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